Garage Conversion Portsmouth

Garage Conversions Portsmouth – A garage space can provide an economical way of optimising the property’s useable space. Limewood Builders have a wide ranging experience in undertaking these type of conversions.

Generally speaking a garage space can provide a means of extending an existing kitchen or dining room or alternatively a bedroom or self contained area for any member of the household with specific needs such as ground floor space or access.

At Limewood Builders we can as with our other services provide a complete package of service from initial discussions and feasibility reports including design options and costings.

In addition we ensure compliance with all local authority requirements and current building regulations including safety risk assessments and programme creation, once agreed we can provide a contract of those services including a price and time certainty. Once signed we can then manage that agreement and allow you the complete confidence and comfort that that certainty brings to all parties.

The choices are limitless in terms of what we can provide to you. Whether you want complete sound proofing or professionally fitted entertainment systems we can undertake and manage any of those requirements to a fixed budget.

Portsmouth Garage Conversions
Garage Conversions Portsmouth

Or if you are so minded we can undertake the preliminary work so that you or someone else can complete the conversion to your own requirements or time frames. Whatever you might be thinking of then we can help in you focussing those thoughts to clear objectives and real designs.

No matter what you need from your property Limewood Builders are here to help you realise that need.

Our head office is based in Portsmouth but if you’re looking for a garage conversion outside of Portsmouth that’s fine as we cove the whole of the south of England.

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