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As previously mentioned as well as our In-house team, Limewood Builders has many partnerships with other specialist companies. These range from specialist M&E companies, Civil Engineering companies, Architectural services and Chartered Surveyors.

These partnerships ensure that we can deliver exactly what you want and can call upon those specialists to provide that specialist knowledge and skill to any task that you are looking to achieve within any project undertaken by ourselves.

So when you come to us looking for advice or guidance, even at the initial stages or conceptual stage of your project, you can be sure that when needed we can accommodate any of your needs regardless of the complexity or specialist knowledge needed to assess the project or a task within it. Once again this effectively helps provide you the customer with a means of assessing your risk and costs in undertaking such a task or project.

Be assured that even if you are only at the ‘consideration’ stage and are not committed at the time of contacting us you can be assured that you will be under no obligation to commit to those ‘considerations’ you are making. We believe, at Limewood Builders, that it’s very important that you don’t feel pressurised once you make that first call to us. We understand how stressful any work you are looking to do can be and we are not looking to add to that stress, Our aim is purely to assist and advise you in how best you can take your project forward or what may be involved so that you can go away and talk it over with others including your family or even if it’s just to take some time to consider things over and decide whether you want to commit to taking your project forward.

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