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Renovations Portsmouth – Renovating your home or a property can be a great way of investing in that property for the future. Not only can it provide you with a modern and more suitable design for its use as a home but it can also help cut the running costs of that property not just in terms of heating or energy supply but also by improving the property’s heat loss ratio and security.

A full or partial renovation offers you the chance to make the property work for you and can be designed and undertaken using your own personal touches. In addition you might be thinking of your property as an investment for rent, again a renovation can help you minimise running costs and improve the durability, robustness of its fabric and fixtures and fittings.

This will mean more of your rental income will be profit rather than just set aside for the property’s overheads.There are many companies that offer a renovation service but none we believe that offer a total renovation package to the extent that we at Limewood Builders do. Our service takes away any of the complex issues and therefore the stress that such an undertaking can bring.

Property Renovations Portsmouth
Limewood Builders can offer you a fixed price and fixed time service so you have the certainty of knowing exactly what you will get and when you will get it. We can offer a complete design service including a cost break down of the work, this allows you to have the flexibility of choosing exactly what level of specification you require and therefore what will work for your budget considerations.
House Renovations Portsmouth

As a long standing building company, Limewood Builders has a full range of expertise and specialist skills in providing all standards and  complexities of renovations, be it residential or domestic.Renovation services can include not only updating of the property but also structural and non-structural alterations as well as insulation and usage conversion and the addition of adjoining structures.

Whichever type of property renovation you might be considering then please speak to us, Limewood Builders can help you achieve your aspirations. Our head office is based in Portsmouth but if you’re looking for renovations outside of Portsmouth that’s fine as we cove the whole of the south of England.

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